Lulu The Moon Catcher

Book Summary:


Lulu the Moon Catcher is a beautiful and memorable tale which imparts valuable lessons about true friendship, courage, loyalty, and being true to yourself. 

It follows the story of Lulu, a brave and quirky girl with a big heart who feels like she doesn’t fit in with anyone else. Kids aged 5 – 8 will adore reading about Lulu’s adventure as she hatches a crafty plan to catch the moon and discovers an important life lesson along the way.

With beautiful illustrations, sing-along songs and an inspiring story, which will touch the hearts of parents and children alike, this tale uses vivid language to share empowering morals in a fun and engaging way. 

Lulu the Moon Catcher is perfect for bedtime stories to bond with your child over or as a thoughtful gift idea for a little one you know, making it a book which will quickly become a treasured part of your collection.